Christmas Traditions

Christmas for me is a very personal time. It is filled with faith-affirming pauses and devoutly defended traditions. Some of these traditions are so rooted I’m not sure of their significance. Others were born from a need to survive the holidays with young children. Still others are flashes of inspiration, with some sticking, others… not.  …
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Thesaurus and Other Difficult Matters

I have learned to spell the word thesaurus. Reliably. Correctly. Without pause. I have spelled it repeatedly on my laptop while writing. I’m sure my fingers twitch through the key fingering even in my sleep. This, for me, is a mortifying confession. My vocabulary tends to wander to the superfluous. A junior high school writing teacher (yes, I’m dating myself calling it junior high) wrote at…
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Girl running

My Daughter

I gained my daughter later in life. She is a child of my heart if not my body. We go through periods of adjusting. Frequently.  We were adapting, until she approached her 13th birthday. Peace is now a timid visitor rushing out the door without notice.  Then it happened. An epiphany of profound impact. She and I have diametric paradigms in the way we approach the world. It sounds better…
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