Christmas Traditions

Christmas for me is a very personal time. It is filled with faith-affirming pauses and devoutly defended traditions. Some of these traditions are so rooted I’m not sure of their significance. Others were born from a need to survive the holidays with young children. Still others are flashes of inspiration, with some sticking, others… not.  …
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Thesaurus and Other Difficult Matters

I have learned to spell the word thesaurus. Reliably. Correctly. Without pause. I have spelled it repeatedly on my laptop while writing. I’m sure my fingers twitch through the key fingering even in my sleep. This, for me, is a mortifying confession. My vocabulary tends to wander to the superfluous. A junior high school writing teacher (yes, I’m dating myself calling it junior high) wrote at…
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Girl running

My Daughter

I gained my daughter later in life. She is a child of my heart if not my body. We go through periods of adjusting. Frequently.  We were adapting, until she approached her 13th birthday. Peace is now a timid visitor rushing out the door without notice.  Then it happened. An epiphany of profound impact. She and I have diametric paradigms in the way we approach the world. It sounds better…
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Why History?

Why, of all things, do I write historical fiction? It requires long hours of research into the most insignificant of details. Did they use the word Neanderthal in the late 1890s? What patterns of wallpaper would grace a Victorian parlor? What’s for dinner during the Civil War? These questions also differ by region or socio-economic class (I wanted to be an archeologist as a kid, but I hate hot…
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