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I am a self-proclaimed renaissance woman, having mid-wifed goats, programed a computer with punch cards, and infiltrated a foreign culture.  A true logophile, my delight is in stumbling across obscure historic events, researching them, then filling in the details from my own imagination. 

I am a mid-west transplant living on a bayou in the deep south (a.k.a. the foreign culture) with numbers 3, 5 and 6 of my children, a neurotic dog, blind cat, and ninja kitten.  I am blessed with a husband who is still puzzled on how his life took such a turn.  When I asked do you want to get married, he thought I said are you feeling harried– his life to this day.  And the rest as they say is history.


Christmas Traditions

Christmas for me is a very personal time. It is filled with faith-affirming pauses and devoutly defended traditions. Some of...

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My Daughter

I gained my daughter later in life. She is a child of my heart if not my body. We go...

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Why History?

Why, of all things, do I write historical fiction? It requires long hours of research into the most insignificant of...

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Speaking Engagement - Archie, Missouri

We just finished a speaking engagement at the Archie Library, in Archie, MO.  You can find more pictures in the photo gallery.  I just want to thank everyone that came out to the event and showed your support for The Last Legal Hanging.  It was great to be back in Cass County!  I always receive such a warm welcome.  I had a great time talking with you all about the book, my inspiration, and bringing history alive.

Check back soon for future events!


The Next Book

I am busy writing the next book in the Sam Lawton series.  Currently you can look for Oathbreakers to hit Amazon in the spring of 2020.

Sam is on a new case and headed to Palmyra, MO, the site of a horrific massacre during the Civil War.  Not everything is as it seems on the surface.  Will Sam be able to discover the secrets buried in the past and put her current case to rest?

Words Written

Books For Sale

The Last Legal Hanging

This is the first book in the Sam Lawton series. Sam is tormented by the ghosts of her first case. It is still in her book unsolved, now a little boy has gone missing and some of the facts echo the case from the past. Will Sam be able to solve the mystery? Find out in the gripping tale of The Last Legal Hanging. Now available on amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.


This book is coming soon!  Sam is on a new case and traveling to Palmyra, MO.  Secrets from the past come to haunt her current case.  There is more to this town than meets the eye.

Book 3 Coming 2021

The exciting conclusion to the Sam Lawton Trilogy.